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urrying to the edge of the bluff, gazed out over the plain. He had not waited long ere dark groups appeared from between the low hills. There were more tha



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n one chieftain’s men. Lyrcus was already in the act of calling his people to arms, when his eye fell on several Pelasgians marching in front of the others and among them Nomion. The young chief held in his left hand an olive branch and, instead of resting his lance on his shoulder he carried

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it under his arm, with its point turned towards the earth. At this sign of peace Lyrcus felt great relief, and the feeling was much strengthened when Nomion and his companions left their


men behind a bow-shot from the cliff. Shortly after the young Pelasgian, accompanied by three or four other leaders, stood before Lyrcus. When he had heard their errand he sounded the horn five times as a signal for the assembling of the oldest and most respected men in the tribe. 62 After all had met a

nd formed a large semi-circle in the place of assemblage, Lyrcus stepped forward with Nomion by his side. “Cychreans!” he shouted, “listen in silence to what this stranger has to say.” Then he asked Nomion to step on a block of stone, where he coul


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d be seen and heard by all. The young Pelasgian chief had laid aside helmet, armor, spear, and shield. A gold circlet confined his waving black hai

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r, and a white cloak with a broad yellow border fell in graceful folds a little below his knees. All eyes rested with pleasure on the handsome youth. ?/p>